Before you download the documents, please take note of the following:

  1. Try to send all documentation in the same e-mail. 
  2. Letters of presentation are personal. We will not accept copied or like-for-like letters of presentation. 
  3. The references can be from any previous job in Brazil or another country, not necessarily as an Au Pair. 
  4. Be sure to send a photo. 
  5. Illegible or upside down documents will not be accepted.
  6. At the time the contract is agreed, you will receive bank details for fee payment or schedule a location for receiving payment in person. Payment must be made immediately, under penalty of cancellation of the entire process.

Clarifications about electronic contract

Understand the kinds of contracts used by AU PAIR IN IRELAND:

  • User Agreement, in other words, the contract in which the terms and conditions of the contract are predetermined by one parts and the other part has the option of accepting or not. 
  • Interpersonal Electronic Contract, in other words, the one that depends on connections of both parties to the internet system, because is the manifestation of the will that will form the 

Remember that the electronic contract is an adaptation of the traditional model document to answer the new demands of society. In December 1996 the UN Commission (of which Ireland is a part) to the International Trade Law, known as the UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission On International Trade Law), in order to establish guidelines for the use of electronic means of communication, approved the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce.

Article 5 of the Act is clear in directing that “does not deny legal effect, validity or enforceability merely because the information is in the form of electronic message.”

Article 9 of the Act enhances the international trend of admitting the validity and probative value of data messages, then understood the documents and electronic contracts.
“Article 9 – Admissibility and evidential weight of data messages
1) In judicial proceedings, administrative or arbitration shall not apply any rule of law that is obstacle to the admissibility of electronic messages as evidence
a) For the simple fact that they are electronic messages, or,
b) For the simple reason they have not been presented in its original form, whenever such messages are the best proof that the person can reasonably expect that the present. “

Therefore, AU PAIR IN IRELAND reminds you that those who sign the terms of our agreement, even electronically, must honor their commitments, or face legal proceedings. Our work is serious and committed and we seek clients with this profile.


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