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“Who can mind my children while I’m working or doing other tasks?” This question concerns all parents with young children today. The chosen carer must be reliable, get on well with children and fit in easily with the whole family. Here at AU PAIR IN IRELAND, we work to carefully select the best candidate to meet your family’s needs. 

Frequently asked questions for Families:

What is the advantage of hiring a Brazilian as au pair?

Brazilians are very loving and committed in their relationship with children, because they are used to large families and often take care of siblings, nieces and nephews. Moreover, when they come to study in Ireland, they want to stay at least a year to offset the high investment made, since the cost of moving here is quite high. Therefore our Au Pairs are committed to a long-term stay, some of whom have even stayed up to five years working for the same Irish family. 

And they can combine work and studies? Are they here legally?

Yes. For Brazilians entering Ireland, they must have a work permit and be enrolled in an accredited school, studying at least 15 hours per week on a 12 month course. Their visa is valid for one year and may be renewed. The school year is divided into six months of classes and six months holiday; so with their visa, Brazilians can legally work 20 hours a week during classes and 40 hours per week during the holiday months.

What if I don’t like the au pair when she starts to work in my house?

Due to our careful recruitment process, this rarely occurs. But, if so, please contact us and we will find a replacement. We recommend a period of at least one month to allow your Au Pair time to settle in, and you to get to know them.

It is compulsory that the au pair lives in my house?

No, your Au Pair can be live in or live out, depending on your needs. But remember that you will learn more about each other’s culture and have a better integration into the family if your Au Pair does live in with you.

How will a Brazilian person with Basic English be able to communicate with my children?

We find that once the person is living in the environment, communication comes quickly and naturally. Remember your Au Pair is here to learn English so they will be interested to learn as much from you and your children as they can! If you need someone with fluent English please let us know in the application process so we can select people with higher levels of English for you.

Do I need to pay something to the agency?

All of our services for the family are FREE. However, if the family decides to cancel the contract after committing to take on the Au Pair, then the family has to pay a cancellation fee. We also ask that, if necessary, the family help the Au Pair on their arrival / leaving day. Learn more about this in the Manual for families.

How should I proceed?

Please fill in the  FAMILY APPLICATION FORM and email it to us. We will contact you to arrange interviews with the candidates, at a time that is suitable for you. The interview schedule runs when you need it to. For example, if the family fills in the registration form in January, but don’t need an au pair until the beginning of March, we will only contact you in February. We select up to four candidates and usually arrange all the interviews on the same day at different times, to streamline the hiring process. We always recommend that the interview be done at home, with the presence of children and spouses, because the interaction between everybody of the house should be taken into account at the time of selection. Once you have made your decision, please contact AU PAIR IN IRELAND directly (not the candidate), within 24 hours after the last interview. For more information, see the Manual for families.