1. How much is the rate of AU PAIR IN IRELAND?
The value ranges between €200 and €250, depending on the salary offered. Remember you only pay the fee if you are hired. 
2. In which language do I have to send my CV / Reference Letter / Personal Letter?
These documents must be submitted in English, as this is the native language of Ireland, and they will be sent to families after our evaluation.
3. I don’t have references in Ireland, how do I provide some?
You may request a reference letter in Brazil, even via e-mail, if you have a previous employer. Or request a letter from your school. You don’t need experience as an Au Pair. See the model in Downloads.
4. Do you translate my CV into English?
No. The AU PAIR IN IRELAND offers a sample CV to view in Downloads. Generally, you can ask your school to help with translating your CV into English.
5. How long will I get to work?
We try to streamline this process to the maximum, but no way to determine a right time.
6. I cannot speak any English. How can I do an interview?
We believe that most people come to Ireland with the intention of improving the knowledge of English and this is one of the first challenges. Ask for help from colleagues in your school. Learn more in Tips.
7. I’m in Brazil and I would like to apply to AU PAIR IN IRELAND, how can I do this?
Currently, we only offer our service to foreigners who are enrolled in schools in Ireland. We have partnership with good schools, whose details we can send you. Send us an e-mail.
8. How do I get a work permit?
For the Brazilians entering the country, a work permit is possible once you are enrolled in an accredited school and study at least 15 hours per week. Courses last 12 months and the visa is valid for one year and may be renewed. The school year is divided into six months of classes and six month of holiday, and with this visa, Brazilians can legally work 20 hours per week during classes and 40 hours per week during vacations.
9. Can I study anything?
Yes, as long as the educational institution is accredited.
10. Do you go to the interview with me?
AU PAIR IN IRELAND helps the future au pair to find a family with the closest profile to match yours, with filling out the contract details and with interview scheduling. You must attend the interview on your own, or ask a colleague or friend to accompany you.
11. Can I take some friend to help me in the interview?
Yes, although it is not common to do so. Make sure not to let this person speak for you. Ask only for help in the translation and try to show commitment and interest. On the day of the interview confirm all data that you’ve received about the job.
12. Where should I get off the bus?
Typically, families indicate points of reference for their address, but you can also access the googlemaps. Always bring a mobile phone and have the family’s phone number to hand, to let them know if you are lost or are going to be late.
13. I am at the front door of the family home, what should I do?
Knock! Smile and ring the doorbell. It’s an interview like any other, try to keep calm.
14. If I do the interview and I don’t like the family, how should I proceed?
Contact AU PAIR IN IRELAND by e-mail or text message to let us know that you’re no longer interested in the vacancy. And wait for new opportunities.
15. Do you warn the family that I cannot attend the interview or I’ll be late?
You need to be clear during the interview, and turning up late does not give a good impression. If this is unavoidable, it is important that you communicate to AU PAIR IN IRELAND and to the family, explaining why you cannot attend or are going to be late.
16. What if I ‘close the deal’ with the family and I give up before the start date?
Once the AU PAIR IN IRELAND recruitment process has been completed and the Au Pair has been hired, if the Au Pair then terminates the contract, they still need to pay the fee. Our agreement can be found HERE.
17. What if I start to work and want to quit?
You are contracted to provide at least two weeks notice. A fine will be charged for the inconvenience and we will not refund the fee, since our services were performed correctly.
18. Do I need to confirm work schedule and payment on the day of interview?
Undoubtedly, as in any job interview, all doubts should be clarified.
19. The family did not pay me, what should I do?
You can communicate to AU PAIR IN IRELAND in this unlikely event and talk directly with your employer to clarify the situation. The fulfillment of the contract is essential for both parts.
20. I worked and didn’t receive payment, what should I do. How to proceed?

First you must notify AU PAIR IN IRELAND about what happened. Our agency values ​​the fulfillment of the contract. If it’s necessary, also contact the national guard of this service:

Website: http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/
By Phone: By phoning the Citizens Information Phone Service.
Lo Call 1890 777 121 or +353 (0) 21 452 1600
Address: 13a Upper O’Connell Street, City Centre, Dublin 1

21. If I don’t have credit on the mobile to give feedback, how can I contact you?
You can email info@aupairinireland.ie. Mobile carriers working in Ireland such as Vodafone offer a free service for sending text messages over the Internet. Just register your mobile number. Read more in Tips.
22. Is your job to sell a seat?
Not at all. We are a recruitment agency, legalized, and charge a fee for our services. We don’t hold job auctions.
23. My friend said that she paid X for the vacancy. Why are you charging me more?
AU PAIR IN IRELAND work seriously and transparently, without favoring anyone, and charge a standard rate. Our contract is available for download HERE.
24. Why is it that my friend receives messages about interviews, and I don’t?
Our agency will contact the candidates that match certain profiles requested by the families.
25. My friend was called and I was not. Why?
Each person has different skills and interests. Families in Dublin are usually more demanding in relation to the level of English. The search for a placement outside the Dublin region brings more chances for people who have a beginner’s level of English.
26. What happens if I pay the fee and am later dismissed by the family?
We will investigate the case to understand what happened, but only during the first month of work, when our responsibility is still in force. If you are fired for delay, good cause or fault, you will not receive the money back. If you are fired for other issues, the family has an obligation to repay the amount. All these issues are defined by contract, signed by both parts.