How the process works

If you intend to hire our services to find work as an Au Pair in Ireland, first you need to sign up for free on our website. To do this you must send the following documents: CV in English, preferably with a photo, cover letter, letter (s) of reference from previous employers (even if you don’t have experience as an Au Pair); fill out the website questionnaire; copy of school enrollment; copy of GNIB (Ireland’s Visa); copy of valid driver’s license, if you want to drive in Ireland; and a signed declaration. Photos with children are also welcome, because you will be working with them! The document templates can be downloaded here: Downloads.

We are available to assist you in filling out the documentation. Please take your time and ensure that you have provdided the full details required. It is essential for AU PAIR IN IRELAND that we select only suitable applicants to the jobs offered. Remember that organization and attention to detail are qualities that will be valued in the selective process.

Once you have registered, you will receive a link of the open vacancies by Facebook and mobile text messages. If you are interested in a specific job and feel that you have the necessary requirements to fill it, you should contact us and wait to hear back. At this time, consistency and good judgment are essential. If a certain family requires that the Au Pair has fluent English and you have only beginner’s level of English, please wait for another opportunity that should appear soon. In being honest about your skills and experience, you will gain credibility with us and thereby increase your chance of participating in future selections and allow us to find the right family for you.

Our job is to screen the candidates, matching their profiles to the needs of the families. We select up to a maximum of four candidates per job advertised and we arrange the interview times with the families. The Family has the final say in choosing their Au Pair.

Once you are hired as an Au Pair, then you pay the fee for our services. It should be noted that this fee must be paid immediately upon hire confirmation, regardless of the job start date, which is to be arranged between you and the family. In matching you to the right families for your profile, we contribute greatly to your achievement and success as an Au Pair , as you can see in The Advantages.