If you are not fluent in English, write out a few phrases that you would like to ask and/or say during the interview, and bring them with you on the day. Then, practice a lot. Try to anticipate what the family may ask. Keep calm and try to speak naturally. Be yourself!


It is very common in Ireland, to have four or five students living together, sharing the rent of an apartment. This will save you good money. If possible, set expectations, cleaning rotas etc and establish house rules early on.


Be sure to participate in the cultural life of Ireland during your stay. In Dublin, there are very interesting exhibitions in the Chester Beatty Library and the National Gallery. All national museums are free in Ireland. Access: Schools also usually offer many cultural activities as a group. Be open to these opportunities and enjoy your time here!


When we schedule an interview, we send the family’s address to the Au Pair and details of how to get there. Also take a printed map with you or print out directions to the address from Google Maps.


Vodafone offers four services on mobile phones: 

- IOU: You send a text message with the letters IOU to the number 50223 and instantly receive a credit of two Euros. Cost of service: 15 cents. Total: 2.15 Euros to be deducted in next recharge.

- SUPER IOU: You send a text message with the letters SUPER IOU to the number 50223 and instantly receive a credit four Euros. Cost of service: 30 cents. Total: 4.30 Euros to be deducted on your next recharge.

- BUDDY – SEND: Your friend can lend credits. Just send a message with the word SEND + your phone number + the value to be sent. For example: “Send0871234567 5.” The donor of the credits will receive a message that the upload was successful. The receiver will receive credit and a warning that the service will cost 15 cents.

- BUDDY - ASK: To request a transfer credit, send a message with the word ASK +the number of the recipient cell. There are no fees.