Who we are

AU PAIR IN IRELAND was established in 2005 by Greyce Casara, a Brazilian living in Ireland for ten years and also an Irish citizen. She lived as an exchange student in Canada in 1997, then completed a degree in Tourism. To date, she has over 17  years of experience in the Tourism industry, having worked for a major airline company and as a Corporate Account Manager in the Tourism Business Sector.

The idea of setting up an agency for Au Pairs came in 2003, when a cousin from Rio de Janeiro expressed her wish to study and work abroad. To help her, Greyce began to research the market for Au Pairs and contacted several Irish families, highlighting the advantages of hiring a Brazilian for the job – something unusual at that time. Soon, she received many proposals from interested parents and managed to find work not only for her cousin, but also for other relatives and friends. From there she began to build a business, adding her experience of Irish and Brazilian cultures to her professional skills and knowledge acquired from completing Human Resource Management courses in Ireland.

Today, AU PAIR IN IRELAND is proud to have on register over three thousand Irish families, who depend on our efficiency and seriousness in helping them achieve success.